Network Design & Installation

Your needs, requirements, and resources drive our network designs. Upon consultation with you, our IT Networking Team accounts for number of factors when designing your new network topology. These factors include:

  • Understanding the current IT network configuration and any constraints/limitations/bottlenecks. Re-using existing resources when possible and introduce new ones as needed.
  • Your objectives for the new company IT network are critical in to implementing a future-proof and flexible networking solution
  • Any remote offices or users who need to be taken into consideration for secure access
  • Any wireless requirements which may need to be taken into account including network security and intrusion prevention considerations
  • Evaluate potential network traffic in order to ascertain required capacity and bandwidth for a scalable solution
  • Costs assigned for the new IT network infrastructure
  • On-site support available if required

Once we complete the above IT network planning/scoping exercise, we provide you an information technology network design document. If you have any comments or concerns about the design, we will revisit the plan and give you a final proposal outlining resources and costs.