Enterprise-Class Wireless Solutions

The highest level of wireless network protection

Network security is of the highest importance to most enterprises, and the use of wireless networks poses a particularly high potential for security breaches. Many enterprises that rely on wireless networking lack the robust network security protection needed for this type of open network. The highest level of wireless network protection is obtained through a dedicated security system, which is offered through Fortinet.
Fortinet is an experienced network security firm that offers full protection for WLAN, reducing the risk of information loss and security breaches. Fortinet’s integrated security infrastructures provide comprehensive protection for both wired and wireless networks with products designed for each type of network. FortiGate, Fortinet’s primary security brand, is considered a multi-threat security appliance, and it offers the most complete protection of any of the company’s products.
FortiGate’s Wireless Controllers offers unmatched threat identification and management. The system allows the use of either thick or thin APs, or access points, and the additional ability to have customized policy enforcement in place. Businesses that rely on both wireless and wired connections will appreciate Fortinet’s proprietary single management center, which allows for control of the security system from a single point. With an easier to manage system and a combined set of network security modules that work together, Fortinet’s FortiGate is a unique product that can improve security for many businesses.
The combined network security system involves three key components: FortiWiFi, FortiAP, and FortiGate Platforms.

FortiAP provides security for thin access points in a system that operates on 802.11n connections. The industry’s top wireless chip technology is used to ensure a fast and reliable connection, which can reach speeds of 300 Mbps.
FortiWiFi offers protected access to wireless networks through a secure thick access point. Each FortiWiFi device provides access for up to seven individuals, which means that FortiWiFi provides more access points with fewer devices than other security products. The system supports both Virtual Access Points and SSDIs.
FortiGate acts as the single point of access for security through FortiAP and FortiWiFi, allowing authorized individuals to monitor security of all of the company’s networks from a comprehensive control panel. FortiGate combines a range of security features, including firewall protection, internet filters, and private networking through VP, into an easy-to-use platform. This combined system saves businesses time and money, while still providing the highest level of security.

With the massive growth in the use of wireless devices around the workplace, cost effective and secure wireless access and control is becoming an increasingly essential part of modern business infrastructure.
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